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And the Winner is...

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The most-mentioned book that should be a movie.

Like many of you, I have this book sitting on one of my many shelves. I read it and I loved it. Perhaps it is because of my age, or perhaps it is because we all secretly fantasize about kicking some alien ass (that's probably why I publish books about the subject).

So, in reference to this neat book, one thing I personally found to be intriguing was the rule that once accepted into the CDF (Colonial Defense Forces), like John Perry, you were assured that you would never see Earth again. I also liked that part with "oh yeah, you've got cancer Mr. Perry, but it's okay, we just cured it."

Frankly, I was surprised that this book was the most mentioned among the contenders.

NEWS FLASH! None of John Ringo's books were mentioned. I'm in shock. Think about this: The Posleen Series. Prince Roger from Weber/Ringo Empire of Man (4 books). Troy Rising Series. Wow, not one book nominated. Just briefly, I think the Legacy of Aldenata with the fun character, Mighty Michael O'Neal—a nasty alien earth invasion. Other kinds of alien tricksters and troublemakers—it didn't show up on the list, but would be a fun as heck movie series.

Legacy of Heorot, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. This book deserves to be recommended. Look it up, and then buy it. Oh yes, read it also.

So, my friends and sci-fi enthusiasts, who do you think was the most popular author among the book to movie suggestions? Asimov? Weber? Drake?

"Do you Grok me?"

Yep. Heinlein, although not the most popular book recommendation, in sum, as an author, he was tops.

Many years ago, I received this very book, with the original black and "Grok" cover from my brother who was at the USNA in Annapolis. I never could figure out how he had time to read as a midshipman, but his used sci-fi books came to me.

Heinlein is hard to beat for overall power in the sci-fi universe, so it makes utter sense that many of you love his novels. In fact, it is almost impossible to find anyone who isn't a fan.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: The list of your books to movies is downright amazing. I did not expect such an eclectic variety of fiction. Anyone who is looking for something new to read should print the list out and check them off one at a time.

Here is a link to the books to movies page you can see the COMPLETE LIST including your personal choices:

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