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I Can Be Whoever I Want.

Your top choices of Sci-fi characters that you would be (if you could)

The list is a collection of awesome, ingenious, talented, heroic, and even unusually lucky characters from books, TV, and movies.

James Tiberius Kirk is right there on the list. Maybe because William Shatner just celebrated his 90th birthday, or maybe because it would just be fun to be Kirk and take out your Moby Dick of an enemy in the guise of Khan. Of course, no mention of the captain is complete without including The City on the Edge of Forever. Kirk is truly heroic in that episode. He subdues his most primordial instinct to save Edith Keeler. It is one of Star Trek's greatest and most meaningful moments...ever.

So here's the list gang. You picked them and here they are in no particular order at all.

Alexis Carew - Into the Dark Book 1

Calvin Morrison - Lord Kalvin of Otherwhen

Michael Valentine Smith - Stranger in a Strange Land

Mike Callahan - Callahan Bar Series

Oscar Gordon - Glory Road (Heinlein)

Leto Atreides - Children of Dune

Philip Lynx - Humanx Commonwealth

The Prince - John Christian

Peter Sonador - Orchid into the Void

Honor Harrington - Honorverse

So many people love Honor Harrington. And why not? She has it all. Guts, glory, virtue, honor (of course), strength. on and on. If you haven't read this series then what are you waiting for.

Of course I would suggest that you should read The Lost Council Trilogy, but that would be advertising my out books, so I won't do it. (but read them anyway!)

I first met Honor while listening to an audiobook a long time ago while I was welding something in my shop. I was H O O K E D. That's how it is.

Hari Seldon - Foundation Trilogy

Elend - Mistborn

Jubal Harshaw - Stranger in a Strange Land

Maureen Johnson - Lazuras' mother

Bob - from Bobiverse

Montag - Fahrenheit 451

Kvothe - son of Arliden from Kingkiller Chronicle

Jerry Cornelius - Michael Morcock

Juan Rico - Starship Troopers

The Shrike - Hyperion Dan Simmons

Lt. Leary RCN. Please don't get angry, but I did not read this series. However, I am assured that the Lt. is a great character to emulate. It's interesting how many of you would like to be starship captain's. I wonder if that is the combination of "out there" and also the leadership role of commanding fellow heroes against evil villains or aliens. It seems to be a common thread that there is something alluring about being the commander and being victorious.

Lazarus Long - Stranger in a Strange Land

John Perry - Old Man's War

John Carter - Edgar Rice Burroughs (Still fantastic after so many years)

Prof. Bernardo del la Paz - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Lensman Kimball Kinnison - E.E. "Doc" Smith

Danilo Syrtis - The Heritage of Hastur

Kira - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

I'm sure there are a gizzilion million great choices. This is but a short list. I will add a couple of my own. And here they are:

Jason Wander - Orphanage. This series sees a loser kid who has a choice of going to jail or the military. A really fun read. I promise.

Prince Roger MacClintock- Weber / Ringo. March to the Sea and others. This is so darn good! I wish it would continue.

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