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Not Again!!! More sci-fi sequels to make you insane!

Enough CGI to fill a stadium. Please Hollywood—how 'bout something original?

Avatar 2 - Black Holes and Sandwiches

That isn't actually the title, but being the victim of Hollywood's inability to create something new—I think that watching blue computer-generated E.T.'s eating grilled cheese might be more exciting.

How many of you are fed up with Tinsel Town's perpetual re-makes? It's like an empty tube of toothpaste—they just keep squeezing that sucker to see if they can get just a little more out of it.

What's the plot? Maybe it's great, but this is a brief description I found online:

"We know that the story will focus largely on the children of Jake Sully and Neytiri, as many years will have passed between the events of the first two Avatar movies. ... Avatar 2 will also introduce us to an entirely new civilization of Pandora, the ocean-based Metkayina."

Yawn! Yawn! and Yawn! A new civilization called the Pandora? Are they all shaped like boxes?

Here's the best part. The budget: One Billion Dollars. Just think about that. Can any sequel live up to such a ridiculously large cost? I, for one, will not be plunking down $10 for that.

Dune - The Remake

The book was great. Thank you Frank Herbert. Does anyone remember Sting in the original movie Dune? 1984. One of the biggest rock stars in the world playing a villain in a blockbuster movie. 27 years later? This may be a tactic with remakes, just wait long enough and the sci-fi action-starved public will show up at the local theater in the hopes that the remake will be awesome. Here's the link to trailer via RottenTomatoes:

I must say that the coolest part of the trailer was the Sandworm special effects. In the book, the giant creatures traveled under the sand. Let me tell you that in the movie they are enormous. Bigger than the StayPuff Marshmallow Man from the original Ghostbusters. Which brings us to....

Ghostbusters Afterlife

That's the kid from Stranger Things. Yep. Let that sink in.

C'mon man? Peter Vinkman should be retired and living in a condo in Florida. And word has it that for the most part, the movie is about the "next generation" of Ghostbusters. And, there's no significant role for Sigourney Weaver in this—which is another recipe for failure. Here's the trailer:

Call me a bit cynical, but can anything match the original Ghostbusters? That movie got it perfect. The trailer of the sequel is disappointing. 'Nuff said.

Matrix 4 - Blue pill? or Red Pill?

Honestly, I think they will have to introduce a new pill. Maybe Green? Unless they bring back Agent Smith, I just cannot see how this flick

is going to light up the cinema. Here's the link to Esquire's write up on the latest sequel:

I have to quote a short section from the article. "This certainly doesn't look like the slick, godlike Neo we remember. In fact, he looks to be in worse shape than the anonymous cubicle drone he was at the beginning of the first Matrix." The quote in Esquire is referring to the way Keanu looks on the set. That doesn't really amount to a hill of beans, because we know that Hollywood can make you look awesome—even old guys.

Here's the big challenge for you blogposter people out there. Name a sequel or remake that is better than the original. I dare you! Go to the contact page and leave your comment there! Here's the link:

Until next time, watch something original. BTW, my sequel choice that works great: ALIENS

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