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The Definitive Alien Trivia Quiz

How 'bout a little challenging fun. Ellen Ripley would like to invite you to try an exciting Alien

Trivia Quiz.

Here's how it works. There will be 15 questions. If you get 11 or more correct then you have out-smarted and out-fought the Alien. You will live carry on to the next star system intact.

6 to 10 correct? The Alien will dispatch you quickly in a battle to the death.

Less than 6 correct? Sorry. You'll be implanted with an Alien—and you know how that will end.

So here are the questions:

1) In the original Alien 1979, what is the name of Ripley's ship?

2) Where is the ship headed before being side-tracked?

3) What item does Ash use to try to kill Ripley?

4) Parker, played by Yaphet Kotto, saves Ripley. In which Bond movie was Koto the villain?

5) In order to fake realism, the "face-hugger" alien creature was made out of what?

a) plastic with goo

b) a sheep's intestine

c) animal fat

6) True or False. One of the trailers for Alien used music from Logan's Run

7) True of False. Alien won an Academy Award

8) What was the name of the first crewmember to have an Alien burst out of his chest?

9) What 'L' word does Ripley say repeatedly while trying to save herself from the Alien?

10) True or False. Veronica Cartwright, who played Lambert on the crew, got her start on the TV show, Lost in Space

11) Name the nasty, evil corporate operative played by Paul Reiser in Aliens

12) This recently deceased actor played Hudson in Aliens

13) Here's a real toughy: What was the name of the space colony in Aliens?

14) Why doesn't Ripley trust Bishop in Aliens?

15) In Aliens, what device is Ripley permitted to drive because she has a Class-2 rating?

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