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The Latest UFO Stir is a so much hot air.

Do you believe that aliens are zipping around our planet making folly of human military capabilities? Could these UFO's be actual aliens leading the 1st wave of a crushing assault on the Earth?

Answer: The possibility that videos and audio from military and civilian observers are seeing actual aliens in flight are, for lack of a better term, BS. Here's why.

1) Speed - let's say that there is a viable planet with advanced alien lifeforms somewhere near the Kepler system. Kepler is picked at random, but it is just as good as any other hypothetical choice. That is about 580 light years away from earth. Now, without any proof of intelligent FTL (faster than light) capability anywhere in the galaxy, it would take the aliens maybe 1200 years + or - to get here. That's a long, long time, unless they are immortal.

What if they have FTL? Wow! FTL is a dream. But for arguments sake, what kind of FTL?

There is a really neat article about five different kinds of faster than light possibilities. (1)* Among the options, Einstein-Rosen Bridges (Worm Holes) are considered the most likely. Ah, but that would be that an alien lifeform would have to locate and use them to pop in and out of the universe. Neat trick. On top of that, a worm hole would need to be near the Earth—also an amazing coincidence.

And here's the real kicker. An alien race so advanced that they can use worm holes? I'm guessing that they would view humans as we view rodents. And, what do you do with rodents?

Call the exterminator. If that is so, they why are the aliens just sneaking around and showing off 700 g turns to make commercial airline pilots stare out their cockpit windows and then pee themselves?

2) Purpose - why would an alien being be flying around in the atmosphere? Granted that alien minds are alien, still, logic dictates that intelligent beings do things for a reason. Like travel to the moon to pick up rocks and put them in a museum. Go to Mars and spin up a helicopter to say "we did it, what's for lunch?" An alien who can find and use wormholes would be looking at earth and it's rodents to do what? Help us change our climate because they want the rodents to stay cool? Give us reference material so that we can use wormholes and become a threat to them? You can see where I'm going with this. They don't need us (except maybe for food) and why would they bother with the equivalent of slugs?

3) Stealth - if you were an alien with tremendous cosmic power, would you bop around a slug planet and then over a period of 60 years become more and more visible? Why? There is zero need for an alien to be stealthy. Only if they are just the first wave and they are researching our capabilities. But then go back to number 1 above....any alien that can use a worm hole isn't going to be impressed with our chemical rockets and barbarian lifestyle.

Therefore, it is way, way distant from the bottom of the bell curve that aliens are the cause of UFO sightings. Ah, so then what is it?

An article appearing in marketwatch (2*see below) on October 19, 2019. The article discusses a concept of an object containing gas and microwave emitters that shield the interior from massive g-forces. The science has been under review, with the U.S. Navy filing a patent claim in 2016.

In addition, the U.S. Navy does not own all the research on aeronautics being done in the world. Perhaps other technologies to overcome acceleration issues are in the works.

At times like this we should gravitate towards Occam's Razor (a logic technique that you can look up). Basically, remove all the really remote possibilities, and go with what is left. That would be the U.S. Military testing out some neat technology. If so, why not just tell us all about it and stop scaring all the commercial pilots and stoking conspiracy theories?

Answer: The more dark and gray uncertainty you can sprinkle around, the less likely your enemies will figure out what you are doing. Deflect, re-direct, and spread confusion—things that secret government agencies do really well about 20% of the time.

Sorry, but the end result is that there are no aliens inspecting us, and you should be really grateful for that. If they do show up, they will not do so in secret, and they will be here to take the Earth and make it their own. Oh, and RUN because they are not your friends!

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