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Sebastian Blunt

Book Four - Space Fears No One - JUST RELEASED!

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Space Fears No One  - Book Four !

November 30, 2022

ISBN-13 : 978-1735884752

The threat is real. It's growing on a planet far from Earth, and doing nothing means the end of every species in the Milky Way Galaxy

Things on Earth are settling down, but just when Aaron and Allison believe they can pursue an everyday life, trouble is brewing out there. With her unique mental gifts, Howe's sister Julia has detected rumblings of a potentially explosive threat - unrelated to the alien Mazik's attempt to conquer humanity.

A menace on an overlooked planet located at the edge of the Milky Way may turn into a battlefield with galaxy-wide implications. Now, veterans of Recon and some new recruits will be shipping out to employ their combat skills and ingenuity - if they can land on the distant world in one piece and battle a terrible foe.

 Kindle Unlimited

recon time front cover from snippet low res.JPG
Recon Time
Book One of The Lost Council Trilogy

September 27, 2020

ISBN-13 : 978-1735884707

Earth is the target. Aliens are coming. One man holds the key to saving humanity.

Doctor Aaron Howe’s discovery of a curious black box in the Canadian tundra marks the beginning of this exciting, galaxy-spanning adventure. Traveling through time to find the link between General Washington’s brutal enemies and his own—he must battle not only vicious killers from 1776, but also prepare for an alien attack that could destroy all humans.
Howe's probability of success is low, but he will be helped by a mysterious, galaxy-traveling AI named Allison who has her own hidden agenda. Add to their assets, Mercy Smythe, a nanite-enhanced war widow bent on delivering revenge and justice. Plus, Recon, a handful of courageous and rowdy Revolutionary War soldiers—well, together, they just might survive long enough to save the Earth.

4.5 Amazon Rating

 Kindle Unlimited

No Time For Mercy resized cover.jpg
No Time For Mercy   

Book Two of The Lost Council Trilogy                                 4.7 Amazon Rating

March 10, 2021                                                                   

ISBN-13 : 978-1735884714

Time is running out and all humans will be destroyed by the relentless Mazik. The aliens will let nothing stand in the way of their determination to dominate all life in the galaxy—but there's still a chance. Aaron Howe and the Recon soldiers are the last line of defense. With help from Allison, a powerful AI, along with the nanite- enhanced Mercy Smythe and lethal CAG operatives—hope remains. Together they must train for a galaxy-spanning battle that will decide the future.

The riveting follow up to Recon Time has all of the plot twists and action that set this adventure worlds apart. It's a fast-paced and satisfying book that does not disappoint even the toughest sci-fi readers. A fantastic second installment of The Lost Council Trilogy that delivers.

 Kindle Unlimited

Time Means Nothing              

Book Three of The Lost Council Trilogy                                 4.7 Amazon Rating

June 21, 2022


It all comes down to Allison, Dr. Aaron Howe, and Recon. Tragedy and disaster challenges our heroes at every galactic turn. Now, an alien force has split asunder humanity's defenders. The battle rages on two fronts with little hope of success. Crushing defeat is closing on Recon at the speed of light—every decision could lead to victory or annihilation.

The third and final chapter in the galactic battle to save the Earth.

 Kindle Unlimited

CDH Cover final.jpg
Cold Dead Hands


Release Date: July 30, 2021

Mike Casper, the orphaned son of a New York City cop, is in trouble. The police and a drug kingpin want him dead.  Now, after witnessing murders on two continents, he's running for his life. But things just got worse because an insane serial killer is determined to make him suffer. Casper has only a few weapons at his disposal—his guts, his brains, and a random stranger who has her own reasons for helping him.

Join Mike as he tracks down a psychotic killer who has no sympathy, no remorse, and is determined to eliminate anyone who gets in her way. There can be only one survivor in this conflict, and the collateral damage will be severe. From New York to the coast of Italy, to a Central American resort, and the desert southwest of the United States—the battle is on, and someone will end up with cold dead hands.

 Kindle Unlimited


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It's a dystopian future, and the only hope for Earth is hidden in a cave on Mars. Three humans must travel across the surface to investigate alien technology. The risks are great, but failure will be worse for everyone.


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